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You may have heard that Michael Rich is the author of a couple of books. There are two books available at this time and can be ordered here. 

You can make payments through PayPal or use a variety of credit cards. The books will be shipped USPS Priority Mail within a day or two after the order arrives. They will come signed and with a guarantee that the author will never be able to retire on your purchase.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact Michael Rich by email

It's My Job- a book about work and about the joys and humor found in it.  It is a memoir of sorts of jobs held by Michael Rich from his youth to the birth of his son.  There's bound to be another volume one day. The book leads the reader to consider what work means to him/her and offers insights into what is really important in life.



At Home: On Carpenter's Knob- This is a work of fiction, though like most fiction there is a hint of reality.  It is a collection of short stories that were not originally meant to be published, but after years of being told that I should make it available, I did. This is a book about growing up in a rural, small town with a group of close knit friends.

It has been read by folks all over the world and they are convinced that it could be a book about their own home town. Carpenter's Knob is a the fictional home of the author, and looks much like everywhere he has ever lived.  Read it and see if you can find yourself in its pages.



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